Your Photographer

Most people that know me call me Jenn… some will call me Jenny, but they know I won’t respond. Those that really know me will tell you that I love my three beautiful children with all my heart and soul and I thank God for entrusting me with their care while on this earth.

I am known for my baking – especially my chocolate chip cookies or as I like to call them C3s. You would think that I had a secret ingredient or secret recipe that I use because people will fight to get an extra one – but I can’t take the credit – only Miss Betty Crocker can. I L.O.V.E. to bake cookies the most, but will also dabble with pies, cakes, cake pops and other sweet treats.

My favorite snack is popcorn – not the microwave stuff, but the stove-popped stuff. Yummmmmm….. when I meet a person that does not like popcorn I am shocked – who doesn’t love popcorn?

Although I only live 35 minutes from Ann Arbor (home of the University of Michigan), my heart bleeds green for the University of Notre Dame, my alma mater. If you have never been to the university, be sure to visit the magical place where I lived for four years.

I consider my style of photography to be fresh, fun and natural. I photograph high school seniors, newborns, children and families. Although I do not book weddings, I have worked for and am friends with several fabulous wedding photographers that I would be more than willing to recommend to you. I am located in the Metro Detroit area of Southeast Michigan and would love to work with you.

This is just a LITTLE of who I am… book a session with me … and I guarantee you will know a whole lot more about me by the end of the session – I was blessed (cursed) with the gift of gab!